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How to find Kenny Chesney Tickets Info

It is easy to find Kenny Chesney Tickets Info as Kenny Chesney is currently the Billboard top ticket seller for his summer concerts.  In fact the past few years his concerts have been held in stadiums or ballparks around the country like Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Gillette Stadium outside of Boston or Miller Park in Milwaukee to give ample room for all fans to fit.  Even then it is common for his concerts to sell out or at least fill the stadium to the brim with true-blue Chesney No Shoes Nation fans. Kenny

Tickets to Kenny Chesney shows come in four varieties and price ranges:

Upper and Lower Level Seating

Stadium seating:   The stadiums have the stage in one of the endzones and ballparks in center field.  the Upper and Lower level seats are the regular seats used for ball games.  The thing is that great seats for a game do not always make great seats for a concert.  For instance the corner section in a football stadium are not the best seats, but for a concert it gets you just the right angle for a direct view to the stage.  Seats behind home plate are the furthest away while the left or right field tickets will be closer to the stage.  It is always a good idea to check the venue map most ticket sites provide.  The sections closest to the stage are the most expensive the seats higher and further away are the cheapest.  These stadium concerts use all the latest technology and you know there will be large jumbo screens to help fans see the action no matter where they are seated.

Arena Seating  is  easier as the seats are designed for concerts and sports events where the floor is the focal point.  Sections on either side of the stage are usually more expensive and prices adjust the further from the stage you get.

Field or  Floor Tickets:  These are usually the hot selling seats and are chairs placed on the field  outsoors on on the Floor indoors and generally cost more than the stadium seats. The closer to the stage the higher the price. You can expect lots of standing and clapping going on in this section!

Sandbar Tickets:  This is what Kenny Chesney calls his Pit.  Barefoot in the sand would be the expectation.  They are SRO (Standing Room Only)  and on either side of the stage extension that comes out into the crowd, so when Kenny walks down the runway to the stage extension, the Sandbar folks will be practically on top of him. All Stadiums will have a Sandbar, some outdoor amphitheaters might have Pit area, arenas usually do not.

Fan Packages:  Most Chesney stadium concerts offer Fan Packages for the fans.  packages are available for  a variety of sections and price levels.  You could have Field Packages, Sandbar Packets or Lower or Upper Level Sections packages.  A basic package include a seat to the show, and unique Tour gift items like a program, calendar, shirts, visors whatever the tour decides to promote that year.  Other packages include the tickets gifts and a private pre-show dinner usually somewhere close by. The ultimate package includes the seats, gifts, dinner and a 7 hour limo reservation to get you to and from the show.



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