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We are Event Ticket Specialist a licensed re-sale specialist for tickets in sports events, concerts, theater, comedy shows, ice shows, Cirq and more.  We specialize in advanced sales and last minute tickets for all our events. Our tickets are on sale while they last and prices may vary depending on our supply of tickets for each event. You can buy tickets online through our trusted and secure sales pages

My name is Sue and I got into this ticket business as a way to earn extra retirement income and be able to work from home and supplement our fixed retirement  income. Before I retired I was a teacher, specifically a reading specialist and enjoyed my career to the fullest, but was glad to stop when my husband retired and wanted to move to the beach!

When I was working with middle schoolers I always tried to keep up with the current sports and entertainment trends to have a line of casual discussion always available  and not come across a boring adult. It was always fun to see the look on their faces when I would pop in with some knowledgeable tidbit!  When I found the chance to work in the ticket business I could simply take that same interest and expand on it only to my own personal benefit by reading up on bands and groups and keeping track of sports events.  I get all kinds of ideas from watching the talk shows, news on TV and the entertainment feeds on home pages on my internet account.

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