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Kenny Chesney Tour 2013 Dates Added Outdoor Amphitheaters

2013 No Shoes Nation Tour has added 11 outdoor amphitheaters or pavilions to the summer tour.

Kenny Chesney tour 2013 Tickets

The amphitheaters concerts for Kenny Chesney Tour 2013 will feature The Eli Young Band and Kacey Musgraves live on stage in support. Eli Young Band won the AMC 2012 song of the year and Kacey is an up and coming singer songwriter.

The addition of these outdoor venues to the tour is very exciting for four good reasons 

  1. For one it opens up more areas of the country to the Kenny Chesney tour 2013 that have no stadiums close by. Virgina Beach is a great example, or another good one is Orange Beach Alabama which is equal distance from Pensacola Fl and Mobile AL. The closest major market Stadium would be a several hour drive to New Orleans, Tampa or Atlanta.
  2. Another advantage is it gives a second or even third chance in an area for fans to see the concert. For example he will be in North Carolina Missouri and Texas twice, and Indiana three times.  For some fans it will mean being able to go twice for others it means the newer venue is closer, and more convenient than driving a few hours away.  Take Missouri for example A stadium concert in Kansas City on one side of the state and the an outdoor venue outside St Louis on the other gives two options for most of the folks in the state
  3. A third advantage is price.  The outdoor amphitheaters do not offer Field or Sandbar tickets which gobble up the closest seats to the stage, so generally these ticket costs a a bit less.  This does not mean the sections up close to the stage will not be pricey, but in general won’t be to the levels of SandBar or Field tickets in a stadium.
  4. They also give you the lawn seating which allows people to bring their blankets and lawn chairs and relax and enjoy the show. Large groups of friend can go together with their picnic baskets and experience a true No Shoes fun time together. These are generally the most affordable seats of the whole tour and on top of that you can still see the stage.

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Here is the list of the Outdoor Amphitheaters and Pavilions on the Kenny Chesney Tour 2013

FYI Other shows added to the tour were Arenas Concerts  in Lafayette LA, Grand Rapids MI, Peoria IL, Des Moines IA, Ft Wayne IN, Fresno CA,

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